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The role of population weighting in energy system modelling

Mountainous regions pose a difficulty for spatial datasets used in energy system modelling as aggregation typically occurs on a coarse level to reduce calculation time. By weighting required variables with spatial population density, indicators more relevant for demand and supply can be achieved. Read more about this topic in Formayer, H. & Maier, P. Behind the Paper: On the role of resolution and population weighting on temperature indicators in mountainous regions in our SECURES-Met dataset. https://sustainabilitycommunity.springernature.com/posts/on-the-role-of-resolution-and-population-weighting-on-temperature-indicators-in-mountainous-regions-in-our-secures-met-data-set?channel_id=behind-the-paper

New SECURES paper published now!

Our paper describing the SECURES-Met dataset is published in Nature Scientific Data "SECURES-Met: A European meteorological data set suitable for electricity modelling applications".

It describes in detail the first dataset published in SECURES, containing comprehensive meteorological data in high temporal and spatial resolution for Europe until 2100: temperature, radiation, and wind and hydropower potential. This dataset was used during the project for modelling climate change's impact on energy systems.

More datasets containing the processed electricity demand and supply components (e.g. hourly wind, solar, and hydro generation profiles and demand profiles like e-heating and e-cooling) were also generated and will be published soon.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details or interesting collaborations!

The first of our SECURES datasets is published now!

The SECURES-Met dataset is a European-wide meteorological data set suitable for energy system modelling (supply and demand) for historical climate and climate change projections. It is the basis of the SECURES analyses and is now available online: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7907883.

Accompanying journal papers and further datasets (hourly electricity demand and supply profiles up to 2100 for the whole of Europe) will be published soon. Visit this news section for updated information.

Climate change impact on hydropower in Austria (Wiener Zeitung, 11.03.23)

Findings from SECURES were reported in an article of the newspaper "Wiener Zeitung" shedding light on the impact of climate change on hydropower production in Austria.